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Hope For An Incurable Mental Illness Cov

Hope For An Incurable Mental Illness: Natural Solutions for Anxiety, Depression, & Bipolar Disorder

People think you're crazy, hormonal, or just a depressed or moody person....Maybe you've even believed it. But the truth is, it's not who you are!

You were born for greatness! You were born to accomplish many things and to live a joyous, stable, secure, productive, fulfilling life! In order to obtain total freedom from mental illness it is important to address five components to healing: Spiritual, Emotional, Neurological, Nutritional, and Physical. Any one of these addressed by itself can only bring you so far. All five areas need to be addressed and maintained on a regular basis in order to obtain true health and freedom from mental illness.

Author Nancy Rose, shares her own personal story with bipolar disorder and an attempted suicide. She has spent her life studying mental health, nutrition, fitness, and the word of God in order to find freedom from mental illness. You will discover how Nancy found total freedom from mental illness, how there are root causes to mental health problems, and how you can find freedom for yourself.

Hope Food Mood Journal Cover.png

Hope Food Mood Journal

Includes 24 weeks of Food Journal pages designed to keep you on track and help you to navigate through the Five Phases of the Optimal Mental Health Nutrition Plan. You will monitor your progress through weekly mood and diet assessments. This daily journal will help you to keep your mind focused on the positive by recording three good things that happened each day. It offers weekly scripture, inspiration and prayer. Also includes meal options and a shopping list. The Hope Food Mood Journal is designed to optimize your success with the Optimal Mental Health Nutrition Plan which is fully explained in the book, Hope For An Incurable Mental Illness.

The Holiness Diet & Lifestyle: Eating to Honor God

So many Christians are dragging through life with little energy, fluctuating moods, joint pain, headaches, and many other health ailments. The body of Christ is walking around sick and tired. My heart's desire is to see that change! To ignite a passion in the church to honor the Lord with their bodies and see what incredible things He will do in their health! If you desire to live an abundantly healthy life as God intended, then I challenge you to make a commitment to follow the Holiness Diet & Lifestyle for the next 21 days!

Learn how to discern the voice of God with what He is leading YOU to eat!

Learn the tactics of the enemy to deceive you through clever marketing and faulty research.

Learn the TRUTH about what is healthy and what is robbing you of life!

Weight Resolve

Are you tired of losing weight only to gain it back again? Do you struggle to lose weight and keep it off? Reaching a plateau in your weight loss before you obtain your ideal weight is a sign you have unresolved underlying issues. Find out which of the 10 root underlying causes of weight gain you have and what you can do to resolve them.

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Nancy Rose, shares the secrets to losing weight after 20 years working with clients.

Holiday Cleanse Front Cover.png

7-Day Holiday Cleanse

Are you feeling sluggish after the holidays?


The 7 Day Holiday Cleanse is a gentle cleanse designed to help you to eliminate refined sugar, re-hydrate your body, nourish and restore health.This is NOT a low-calorie or fasting cleanse! You will be eating whole foods designed to detox and cleanse your body naturally. You will be eating healthy animal sourced proteins, organic vegetables and fruits, and healthy fats.You DON'T need to take time off of work to do this cleanse! This cleanse is flexible enough to fit into your schedule!

Transform Your Life Journal

Are you ready to transform your life? God's desire is to see you truly set FREE and living as He intended - full of passion, energy, and health! Will you join with us and take this journey with the Lord?

This journal will take you on an adventure to discovering your BEST life in 5 Simple & Fun Steps!

Step into all that God has for you and discover the amazing person God created you to be!

Authors Nancy Rose & Olga Pyshnyak-Lawrence know exactly what it feels like to have their life transformed! In this journal, they share the keys that the Lord gave to them to do just that! Join them in this amazing journey and become a Life Transformer!

This journal can be used separately or along with the Transform Your Life Online Program.

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