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6-Month Optimal Mental Health Nutrition Plan


In my 6-Month Optimal Mental Health Nutrition Program – you will be given a clear path to restoring mental health through nutrition and faith so that you can live out the life God intended for you with JOY and an exuberance for your future!

In the first month, I’ll help you build a solid foundation of mental health through nutrition by introducing a mood-enhancing diet, helping you to identify what foods are problematic for you, creating the framework for healthy digestion as well as blood sugar stability so that you feel confident with your food choices and can clearly tell how food makes you feel.

During the second month, we will focus on restoring a healthy gut microbiome and enhancing sleep so that you can fully assimilate your nutrients, eliminate anxiety, and step into a more energized life.

In month three, you will be well on your way to creating a stable foundation for mental health.  We will dive into deeper healing both nutritionally, by supporting a healthy liver to prepare for hormone balance and detoxification in months four and five, as well as emotionally so that you can truly break free from the suffering of mental illness.

Month six, we will be pin-pointing any additional help that you need to create an amazingly happy life and balanced brain chemistry. The tools that you will have obtained through this program will help you to maintain a positive attitude full of faith and exuding with health!

I will personally take you step by step through the following proven plan to Restore Mental Health


STEP 1: Build A Solid Nutritional & Spiritual Foundation

STEP 2: Discover the Gut-Brain & Sleep Connections

STEP 3: Create a Healthy Liver & Emotions

STEP 4: Balance Hormones & Life

STEP 5: Detox Your Body & Mind

STEP 6: Strategies for Long Term Success

This 6-Month Program Includes:

1-on-1 40-Minute Coaching Sessions with me (Nancy Rose, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Christian Life Coach) every other week (via phone or Zoom)

Personal Assessments & Monthly Progress Checklists



Video Trainings - Released Monthly



Worksheets, Checklists, and Tools to keep you on track!


Personalized Supplement Plan (supplements are not included in the program). 25% off professional line supplements (if recommended)


Hard Copy of Hope For An Incurable Mental Illness Book & Journal (mailed to you upon purchase of the program)

Cost: $397/month

Bonus Feature

Private Facebook Group & Community of Fellow Believers Following the Optimal Mental Health Nutrition Plan

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Sessions are taught by Nancy Rose, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Christian Life Coach, and author of
Hope For An Incurable Mental Illness.

Allow me to help you discover every root issue and heal from mental illness!

"You have changed my life not only physically but emotionally and spiritually."

— Angela Eisen

"Your strength and hope in impossible situations has shown me the power of God and given me hope and strength to carry on when I had none."

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