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Conquering Anxiety Naturally

5 Part Video Series

Discover nutritional roots to anxiety and learn how to resolve them naturally.
In this 5-part video series you will be filled with hope as you learn which root issues are causing or exacerbating your anxiety and find solutions to live FREE from it!
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5 Part Video Series

Part 1: Low Blood Sugar

Part 2: Food Sensitivities

Part 3: Protein's Power

Part 4: Gut Health

Part 5: Your Thoughts

Transform Your Life Program Olga and I.p

Transform Your Life Program

Live the life God intended for you!

Come along on a journey to discover who God created you to be, what truly makes you happy, and how to live with an abundance of health and energy!
This 5-step program will help you to Transform Your Life into one that you've only dreamed of!
5 Simple Steps

Prepare Your Mind

Discover Your Purpose

Nourish Your Body

Declutter Your Life

Create Something

More Online Classes Coming Soon...

Better Weight in 5 Days


Begin your journey to successful healthy weight loss with this 5-day weight loss program designed to speed your metabolism. Maximize weight lost without starving yourself! You will learn how to eat to burn more calories, rid your body of the excess water weight, and increase your energy in this easy-to-follow program. No supplements or shakes needed. You will be eating clean, nutritious and delicious whole foods.

Includes a shopping list, program instructions and daily motivation and videos to maximize your success! Discover how much weight YOU can lose in only 5 days!

Instruction by Nancy Rose, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and author of Weight Resolve. 

Lose up to 9 lbs. and 11 inches in ONLY 5 days! Average loss among a 50 participant study was 3.5 lbs. and 4.5 inches.
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And even more in the works...

Adrenal Restore Program
STOP Sugar Addiction
Working from a Laptop
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