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Psychiatric Medication Almost Killed Me THREE TIMES!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

What you don't know CAN hurt you when it comes to psychiatric medication. Learn what you can do NATURALLY to heal your body and brain.

I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression at the end of 1999. I started on the anti-depressant medication, Celexa. At first I felt better as if the world was a better place and I was going to get the help that I so desperately needed but it didn’t take long before I was experiencing all kinds of side effects. The most nagging side effect was fatigue. Most days I would have to nap during the day just to get through. I was so exhausted that I actually fell asleep at the wheel TWO TIMES! Thankfully the first time it happened I drove over the rumble strips on the side of the road and I quickly awoke to steer myself straight.


I later discovered that I was misdiagnosed and truly suffering from Bipolar Disorder. In fact, it is quite common to diagnose Bipolar Disorder after an individual suffers these extremes while taking an anti-depressant without having a mood stabilizer along with it. It took an attempt on my life before the proper diagnosis was made. Actually, for the most part, there is no real scientific way of diagnosing mental illness. Mental illness is diagnosed based on a list of symptoms as spelled out in the latest DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) which continues to add more and more diagnoses with each new edition printed.

What is most troubling to me is that so many of these symptoms are often due to underlying issues in the body that are completely curable and yet mental illnesses such as Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia are known to be incurable! I was told there was NO CURE! I was told that I would need to take medication for the REST OF MY LIFE; that I would need to be on an anti-depressant along with a mood stabilizer; that I would not be treated with therapy if I did not take medication.

At that moment the scripture I memorized as a young girl came to my mind which says, "What is impossible with man is possible with God." (Matthew 19:26). I was given a script for Prozac and Lithium that day but I never filled the prescription. I HAVE NOT TAKEN ANY PSYCHOTROPIC MEDICATION since September 6, 2000! I am grateful for that decision as I do not want to know what my life might be like had I continued on medication.

You Can Heal Naturally!

Instead I went on to study everything I could on mental illness and how I could heal naturally. I studied nutrition and the brain, how food effects your mood, how the health of the body systems effect brain chemistry, the effects of heavy metal toxins on the brain, how vitally important the digestive system is to the health of the brain, and anything else I could learn on the topic. I have studied this since that very day almost 17 years ago now.

The Lord has given me great knowledge to heal from Bipolar Disorder as I have sought him for wisdom.. I no longer have the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. I don’t deny that the diagnosis at the time was accurate but I no longer have those symptoms because I’ve healed the root causes that were producing the symptoms from blood sugar instability to heavy metal toxicity to severe digestive problems and food sensitivities.

I learned that amino acids from protein foods are needed to manufacture our mood-enhancing brain chemicals. That when blood sugar is unstable so is energy and mood. That food sensitivities can cause dramatic mood shifts. As I learned these things I began to make changes and soon noticed a big shift in my mood. My meals largely consisted of adequate protein (20-25 grams) each meal along with healthy fats and vegetables. I made sure to not allow my blood sugar to drop by keeping food with me and not going longer than 4 hours without eating. These were critical steps to healing. More in depth healing occured when I learned how to resolve my severe constipation and heal my digestive tract lining then work to properly and safely detox from heavy metals.  

Your Body and Brain Can Heal!

Learn more about how you can heal from mental illness by reading my book, No More Loss: Preventing Suicide by Building a Healthy Body, Mind, & Spirit or taking my Nutrition & Mental Health Classes or scheduling a nutrition consultation with me. I would love to help you on your journey to freedom! There is HOPE!

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