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Discover the Roots to Mental Illness

4-Part Series on Nutrition & Mental Health

In my 4-Part Training Series on Nutrition and Mental Health, you will gain a clear understanding of the things that are impacting mental health nutritionally.  Your eyes will be open to how mental health can be improved by comparing it to constructing a building. You will learn what the foundations of mental health are nutritionally speaking and learn how to build them to set the stage for success in healing from mental illness. There is so much we can do to feel mentally well that is not typically considered or addressed in the treatment of mental illness. In this 4-Part Series, I will teach you how to systematically build stable mental health through nutrition. 

This training series is for those suffering, the loved ones of those suffering as well as both nutrition and mental health professionals. 

This 4-Part Series Includes:

Part 1: Building Nutritional Foundations 1

Video 1 - Brain Nutrition Plan *

Video 2 - Your Brain is 75% Water *

Video 3 - Blood Sugar & Mood Stability *

Part 2: Building Nutritional Foundations 2

Video 1: Gut-Brain Connection *

Video 2: You Need Sleep *

Part 3: Stable Floors & Walls

Video 1: Liver for Life *

Video 2: Happy Hormones *

Part 4: Walls & Protective Roofing

Video 1: Toxic Brain - How to Safely Detox *

Video 2: Additional Nutritient Support *

*Worksheets & Food Mood Log provided for each video

Begin Today for ONLY $294 

Once purchased you will have immediate access to the content of this training for 6 months

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Sessions are taught by Nancy Rose, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Christian Life Coach, and author of
Hope For An Incurable Mental Illness.

Change the way you look at mental illness and start to heal or help others to heal today!

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