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"When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices." Psalm 11:10

Our goal is to help one another to succeed in business. The purpose of this group is to seek the Lord together for our businesses, offering encouragement, education, advice, and prayer support to one another as the body of Christ.


Let's cause our cities to rejoice by seeking God's will to prosper our businesses.


Our content is now mostly online in our Facebook group and we NEED YOUR HELP!

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Would you like your business highlighted in our Facebook Group?
We are looking to come to your place of business and shoot a video of you, your product and/or service to allow us to get to know you and what you do! Reach out to me to get on the schedule to have your business highlighted. Send me an email at
Do you have knowledge in an area of business that would help our members?

We want to help our members be as successful in business as possible! Share with us what you have learned from being in business. Reach out to me with a topic you would like to present to our members. The more we know, the more we grow!

Calling ALL Christians in Business in WNY

WNY Christians in Business Facebook Group

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